If the product is not worthy or it is not good

For whatever reasons you didn’t receive our item, you can turn it around or exchange it within 14 days.

If you want to change or rotate the product, change to a forward:

• The product is in full quality and not broken;

• In reality, all the equipment is included, including non-shkodzhennaya packaging.

This item has a defect

• We vіdpovіdaєmo for the quality of our products, so we can exchange money for the goods without a cost, or we will turn a penny, because we showed a defect on the product;

• At a glance, you could not look at the goods in a moment (for example, they put yoga in the form of a gift) and the defect appeared later, we also exchanged yoga or zrobimo turn;

• So you bought the products from our partners and found a defect, we seem to be all power, so you lost your satisfaction with your purchase.

Where do you want to change or rotate the item?

You can make a change or a turn in a number of ways:
x Call us for the number: +380674432300
x Email: plywoodstory@gmail.com
x Contact us on Facebook or Instagram — direct messages; Calling the manager, describe the situation, attach a photo of your product (as you write online), so that you can get an efficient delivery method as part of the exchange / return.

Change/Rotate can be changed:

• By new mail across Ukraine (delivery is paid additionally by the client).
Attention! If you send goods for exchange/return, after that, please tell the manager the TTN number and your details for the return of pennies.