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Wooden World Map 'S' 180x105 cm from solid wood (10 wood species)

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Combination of ten different wood species in one map: Ukrainian oak, ash, alder, walnut, American alder, sapele, wenge, merbau, American red oak, kapo maple.

Texture in every detail, a blend of colors, layering, acrylic base extending beyond the map's contour and dispersing light across the entire surface and beyond, laser etching of oceans, seas, and bays on organic glass, and color printing of countries, states, capitals, and inland waters in three connection options:

  1. Wireless, powered by rechargeable batteries (up to 8 hours of illumination, 5-6 hours for recharging).
  2. Wired, with two outlets for 220V wall connection.
  3. Wired, plug into an electrical outlet.


This is the ultimate ecological home decor piece for your residence, office, or country house.

To appreciate the value of this map, let's delve into its production process:

  • Crafting a solid wood map involves twice as much handwork. Each piece of wood is carefully selected by a craftsman for the future map. After machine cutting, each of the 119 pieces is hand-sanded to ensure a perfect fit on the map's background. The final steps include oiling the countries and assembling all elements on a transparent base.

  • The acrylic base, extending beyond the map and occupying a larger area than the wooden part, features engraved names of oceans, seas, and bays.

  • The LED strip has a 48,000-hour warranty.

  • The map comes with a lifetime guarantee, and we are available to answer any questions and communicate with clients at any time.


Technical specifications:

Map Base: 8mm clear organic glass

Overall product thickness: 50mm

Wood thickness: 10-35mm

Lighting: neutral white LED


Ways to Connect the Map

Wireless Lighting: The map can light up for approximately 8 hours. When the map's lighting becomes less bright and fades, connect it to the charging device provided in the kit. It takes 5-6 hours to fully charge the map, and it will be ready to shine again.

Wired with outputs at 220V: Contact us through any messaging platform, and we will send you a scheme for connecting just two 220V wires. Upon receiving the map, you can easily do the installation yourself using the instructions in the box and a video guide on our YouTube channel.

Wired with Plug Connection: We usually use transparent wiring, but if you prefer, we can use wiring of any color you desire.

Nova Pochta across Ukraine —  the following delivery options are possible:

  • To the NP branch

  • Courier delivery

Own delivery and installation in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine

We deliver abroad - contact the manager to calculate the delivery

Online payment by bank card WayForPay- supported Google Pay/Apple Pay

Payment on the FOP account (without VAT)

Payment to the LLC account (with VAT)